Sunday, June 15, 2008

Well, here we go!

Season Two is in production and we are looking forward to the new fall lineup! This blog will be a place for us to announce information and news related to Conundrums as well as a place for us to comment on the community at large. We encourage you to bookmark this site for frequent updates. It is our intent to make this site the communication nexus between our studio, myself and the viewers of our programming. Questions and comments are welcome in the COMMENT section below each post.

Our blog posts will be written and in some cases, v-blogged*. So look for *video content on this site as well as our studio web site. I'll also be using this outlet for commentary and opinions on happenings in the universe. I hope I don't bore you. :-)
Pull up a chair, put on your spectacles and enjoy the verbiage that ensues from this new media outlet as we seek the answers to all the conundrums that elude us.

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