Saturday, May 8, 2010

New Conundrums Netcasts!

Take a moment and check out the new netcast, Conundrums! LINK
Netcasts Exploring The Mysteries Of Our Universe

Conundrums is a new online television program focusing on the paranormal. We have guests from the Bigfoot, UFO, Ghost and other paranormal fields on the show weekly. Drop by and bookmark the site!

We moved the program to this link, visit and watch the programs today!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Conundrums Podcast

Just a quick note to let you know we are working on a podcast for this site. Details will be forthcoming. This will be a fresh new way of exploring the paranormal mystery through guests, interviews and more. Watch this site for more to come!
- Jay Michael

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

UFOS 1973 New DVD!

UFOS 1973 is the new documentary from JML Multimedia and Cryptovideography. I have been working on this program for the past four months and researching it for much longer. I am very proud to finally have this video out and available!

In the fall of 1973 I witnessed a large orange ball drift over my home in southern Mississippi. Since then I have witnessed a few other UFOs, but that first encounter with the unknown caused me to wonder about the mysteries so predominant around us. UFOS, Bigfoot, and other paranormal subjects. At that age I didn't keep up with current events so I was unaware of the Pascagoula case and all the others from that year. But as I grew up I would have more encounters with the unknown and eventually set about to investigate some. Ultimately it led me to form Cryptovideography and my own production company, then producing Special Interest Video on these subjects.

This new documentary explores the UFO events that took place in 1973. With history happening all around us, UFOs were being sighted almost daily. Wrapped in the tapestry of major historic events, UFOs were being seen and reported but rarely made front page news.

Available at The UFO

The documentary is now available at THE UFO STORE and will soon be available on

Behind the scenes;

Almost all of the effects in this documentary were created by me. A time consuming process and difficult to work with. I even did a bit of 'acting' for the reenactments. When working with a low budget you wear many hats. But I had help from a very qualified animator, Brian Robart of New Dog Digital. Brian created some of the UFO sequences and I edited them against backgrounds and added movement. He did the rotating green UFO you see in the promo above chasing the helicopter. Thank You Brian!

When working with a subject like UFOs you can't just go out and shoot them like you can everyday objects. So all of the UFO scenes had to be created. Most pass by in a few seconds in the final program but many took days to make. Thus is the world of video editing.

In researching this project I was lucky to have the opportunity to include footage by UFO Researcher Bill Knell who gave me permission to use his video of Charles Hickson telling about the Pascagoula abduction in his own words. And from Wendy Conners of fadeddiscs where I was able to get the actual audio recorded by Sheriff Diamond. The sheriff secretly recorded Charlie and Calvin the night it happened and the full audio from that tape is included in the documentary. Plus in the bonus section you will find the full 18 minute recording by Colonel Charles Halt as he investigated the Rendlesham Forest case in 1980. Often referred to as "Britain's Roswell" this recording was made by his group as they were seeing the lights and investigating the landing area! A very special THANKS to Bill & Wendy!

The program recounts several events from 1973, some in detail. It was a very active year and impossible to include every sighting but we cover most of the major ones. I hope it is informative and entertaining. The UFO Store picked it up immediately and it's available there now. In a few weeks it will be available on and I will be working on another project soon and perhaps before years end, there will be another DVD forthcoming! :-D