Sunday, March 23, 2008

Conundrums Is Moving!

In fact, it has already moved! Conundrums has moved to our main web site, If you have bookmarked this blogger site you should go to and bookmark the main site there for the program.
Conundrums can now be found at in a special page with an all new video player! To get to the new player, visit and click on the Conundrums link on the front page. Conundrums has moved in order to allow us more flexibility in presenting the program. Our new player will support a larger screen size and longer programs. We have also been afforded much more bandwidth. As we move into Season Two this new format will better support the program. Episodes will be listed in chronological order and easy to select. Seasons are contained in their own folder with bonus programming. Season One is already there and ready to be viewed by the public. We will be revamping this site soon.
We encourage you to visit our web site (
and bookmark the player there.
Thank you for viewing Conundrums and we hope you will join us for Season Two later this year!
Jay Michael - Producer

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