Sunday, June 15, 2008

Alien Moon Body Or Clever hoax?

Well, get ready for the next Alien Autopsy. This was found on Myspace and the text included is as follows:
Description: William Rutledge was an astronaut during the 1970s, employed by the USAF in collaboration with NASA during a secret Space mission. A person who claimed to be him allegedly filmed this video and claimed it to be of an alien found inside an abandoned spaceship on the moon.
A dab of Clearsil™ might just clear that completion up, ya think???
More than likely this is probably some burial ritual performed on an individual right here on earth. In the vacuum of space all the moisture of a body would boil out leaving a corpse in much worse shape. However, it says it was found on a ship. So... It shouldn't be too hard to examine the "Apollo" 20 patch and read the names on it. Perhaps they are consistent with actual astronauts from the 1970's. By the way, the last mission to the moon was Apollo 17, so if there was a secret moon mission then it would have to be 18, 19 or even 20.
But if it's a secret mission, why go to the bother and cost of commissioning a patch? Patches were used to commemorate the launch and mission for the public.
We may not have seen the last of this video though, it's been viewed 176,609 on Myspace since 6/10/08!
Here's the vid, comments welcome!

William Rutledge's Video: Alien EBE Mona Lisa


Anonymous said...

Looks like wax
Didn't have zip-lock bags in early '70s
Didn't have blue painter's tape either
The surgeon wouldn't be touching an alien body with bare hands.

J said...

I didn't catch the blue painter tape, but I did see the others. Nice find!