Monday, March 23, 2009

DVD Sale! Swamp Apes & Bigfooting in Oklahoma! is going through some changes! Many exciting things are happening at our studio. We have redesigned our home page and now we are bringing you a special deal on our two most popular DVD documentaries!

Right now you can get Swamp Apes for just $9.99 and Bigfooting in Oklahoma for just $14.99!

Visit and grab these deals on our two featured programs.

Currently we are working on our new release! It should be out by the end of March or early April. This new program will be on the subject of UFOs and is a full hour of quality entertainment! Look for it coming soon!

Plus we have partnered with The UFO Store to feature our programs in their vast inventory of paranormal documentaries! Look for Bigfooting in Oklahoma there now and Swamp Apes coming soon!

And as always our programs can be found on, Createspace and at our own web sites. The sale is going on here! Plus we are global with shipping worldwide!

Cryptovideography and our parent company JML Multimedia are in production on new titles with the all new UFO documentary almost ready to release. Look for it soon, but you can grab our current titles on sale now!

More coming soon!

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