Monday, February 2, 2009

New Stephenville Sightings

New Possible UFO Sighting Near Stephenville

Norris Deajon, The 33 News

February 1, 2009

Are the possible UFO sightings starting again near Stephenville? A family in the tiny town of Walnut Springs thinks so. Twenty-year-old Matt Collins showed us where he and his family saw a strange object hovering above a hill about four miles from their home.

" I think it was some type of craft," Collins said.

Collins grabbed his camera and shot this video of the object. In video it just looks like a bright light in the dark sky drifting slowly from side to side and up and down. All the while it was changing colors. Does Matt think he saw a UFO?

Collins said, " Yes and no. I don't believe in aliens or anything but I do believe there's stuff out there that we can't explain." Matt says with the naked eye the object looked like it had mass, not just a ball of light. Matt called his sister and mother so they could also witness the phenomenon. Actually, his sister had seen it first on Thursday night.

Ashley Collins said, " What I saw was three lights. There was two on top and one on the bottom. Then the two on top disappeared."

Last night the family watched the bright object for 15 minutes and they weren't afraid. " I think we were too curious and interested and we were hoping it would stay around a little longer and get close so we could get to see it better," said Matt's mother Sharla Collins.

According to a Sheriff's dispatcher, four other people around Walnut Springs reported seeing the object this weekend. The accounts were very similar to those last year that thrust nearby Stephenville into the national spotlight. Several people produced images of those sightings. A teenager from Dublin, Texas showed us video of a possible UFO last October.

At the Collins home, watching Matt's video has become quite a pasttime, as well as wondering what on Earth it is. Matt Collins said, " I believe it's something that needs to be looked at."


Anonymous said...

I believe I may have seen the same lights that the Stephenville residents did, on the evening of Jan. 30, 2009.

At 7:20 to 7:25 p.m., I was on my way south from Cisco, towards Cross Plains on Hwy 206. I was approximately 4 to 5 miles south of Cisco and out my driver's side window (East), I noticed a line of red lights in the sky, traveling (S to N) slowly and horizontal to the ground, approx. 2500 to 3500 feet in elevation, about 30 to 35 degrees above the horizon. If closer, they could have been lower to the ground.

These lights disappeared, only to reappear farther North. I eventually lost sight of them, as I was driving and had to pay attention to the road, plus I was moving away from the objects.

I am an astronomy buff, retired professional photographer (mostly outdoor), and have a background in custom photo lab work and computer graphics. I have also flown a plane and have lived around military bases most of my life.

Seeing these objects in the sky, I ruled out private, military, or commercial fixed wings, or rotor operated craft. In my opinion, this was no known aircraft(s). I filed a report to (Case Number: 15221) and made comment of sighting, on the News 10 KWTX web site.



Cisco, TX

Anonymous said...

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