Monday, August 11, 2008

Weird Things Happening In 2008

We are in the middle of a major UFO wave. Indeed, 2008 will likely go down in history as another banner year for UFO activity. It began in January in the small town of Stevenville, Texas and has spread around the world. Major UFO sightings are happening almost daily and with this being a time when the Internet is easily accessible by even the most remote user, it's springing up everywhere on the net. America, Britain and other countries are being besieged by UFOs!

A multitude of journalist avenues are covering this "UFO Flap" from newspaper to daily and weekly Television programs. Larry King has done several programs on UFO's this year. MUFON is in high gear and tabloid vehicles are grinding out stories too. There is no need to fabricate a good ufo tale when real sightings are happening every day. Just pick one and run with it!
Also, video cameras are playing a major part in this flap. Never before has so many UFO's been caught on tape as has surfaced in 2008. Of course some good fake ufo's pop up occasionally too, but they are usually identified and dismissed readily.

As our probes on Mars discover water and possible life, the skies are filling up with strange lights and daylight discs. The "strange phenomenon" arena is indeed running the gauntlet this season.

There are even some Georgia boys claiming they have the body of a deceased Bigfoot in a ten foot freezer and will release photos and information about it September first. Be it twisted southern humor or the find of the century, many are glued to their computers awaiting some new tidbit of news from these bad boys of bigfootdom. Time will tell. The last big Bigfoot story turned out to be a mangy bear, and don't forget the Texas Chupacabras and their mange ridden counterpart coyotes.

We are not without a crash or two also, Needles California was recently visited last month by MIB's and black helicopters after something crashed there. A leprechaun was caught on camera by someone quick on their camera-phone trigger and even dinosaurs have been sighted around the world. And in May a farmer in Tennessee got his land stamped with this years first American crop circle. Just a few miles from last years trampling.

This, the year Monster Quest and UFO Hunters are riding a peak in their popularity on television and a new X-Files movie is in the theaters. 2008 is turning out to be the year of years for strange stuff!

Is it weirdness run amok, or are we on the cusp of some new and astounding revelations? All I can say is keep your camcorders handy and keep watching the skies (and the woods). You never know when a UFO, Bigfoot or even a leprechaun will grace your view! ;-)




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