Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tom Biscardi on Fox News Promoting the alledged "Body"

Here is a segment of the interview on Fox News of Tom Bicardi talking about the alleged Bigfoot Body found in Georgia. The "Body" looks much like the costume and in my mind this is either a deception or some gimmick to get attention. We will see...

NOTE: Multiple versions of this video are presented in the event a video is removed from the internet.
I know that many are holding out hope that this will turn out to be the real deal. And indeed at this point there is the chance that it could, even though the "body" in the freezer is almost certainly a costume.

DNA has been taken from something it would be very difficult to fake, unless someone gets DNA from an ape or other source and passes it off as "Bigfoot" DNA. Another thought is that the "body" in the freezer is a decoy while the real body is being sequestered somewhere. Supposedly the body has already been transported and delivered to a buyer so it is unlikely you will ever see it, at least for a time. The most that will be revealed is photos and video. If this is a hoax, and I am inclined to believe at this point it is based on the freezer body, then it is the biggest hoax perpetrated on the Bigfoot community in some time. Shades of the Minnesota Iceman.

One thing is for sure, many people are positioning themselves to be present for the event of the century. Or at the very least to be the first to break the story.
I personally am finding it fascinating how certain folks are scrambling around to be ready. Even retracting past comments and associations with this subject. It is an interesting story and I must admit a glimmer of hope still remains, but I fear a large number of crows will need to sacrifice themselves soon for the coming feast. :-D

When a Bigfoot Body is finally revealed I doubt it will be handled as shoddy as this fiasco has been. Nor will any of the Bigfoot media stars even know it's available until all the deals are in place and a true press conference is called. My concern now is how this will affect everyone after it is over. How will it affect the groups and people who are involved and those on the outside looking in? There will be ramifications. Your comments are appreciated.

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