Friday, January 30, 2009

YouTube Censorship

Utube has begun an all out campaign to clean up its act. Numerous UFO and other sites are reporting their Utube accounts have either been censored or closed by Utube. Why? Copyright infringement. Many of the UFO videos are taken from TV shows or have copy written music included.

YouTube is owned by Google and is taking heat for their apparent lack of self control. Various accounts have been targeted and in many cases the baby is being thrown out with the bath water. Meaning they are killing an entire account even though many of its videos are quite legal. This has caused some outrage in the Utube community and that trickles down into the paranormal community as accounts disappear. Of course this leads to conspiracy theories and who knows, maybe big brother is behind it. But the botom line is Google and Utube have suddenly decided to police themselves.

So you should probably go over your account and remove anything that could be a violation, keep the rest. Otherwise you may lose all that video footage.

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