Sunday, July 6, 2008

Is It Real??

A couple of things in this video (below) make it a difficult image to fake. One is the consistency of the UFO to go out of focus when the camera auto-focus iris changes. The second is it moves behind the trees. Either the trees are artifacts put in the video in post so the UFO can move behind them, or the hoaxer made a complicated mask of the tree limbs to match the video and layered it over the image so the UFO would appear to go behind it.
All of this can be done with software available now, some pro and some off the shelf. But it would be a time consuming job to get this quality and you would need to know the software very well.
One other thing about the UFO. It looks like something I've seen before, especially the bottom. So it may be a model. If this is fake, and I'm sitting on the fence on this one, then it's one of the best I've seen! Take a look:

If this is not fake then we need more videos of UFO's with this clarity! What do you think, fake or real?

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