Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cryptovideography.Com Gets New Logo!

I have taken some time to create a new Logo for One that reflects the new direction and attitude of the company. It is simple and should translate well to Black & White for written literature as well as colorful for the web and video. We hope you like it!
The Logo incorporates a Unicorn/Pegasus and text of the company name. It reflects moving forward and higher. As well as venturing into other avenues we've never been.
In time we will be converting to this new logo, changing the web site, this blog and other online properties. The web site will be scaled down to a more simple and manageable page. Conundrums is getting a new look too with far more video tools to work with than we had last year. The program is raising the bar and becoming more professional.
Back when we produced all of our previous documentaries we had few tools and a little budget to work with. Slowly, this is changing. Beginning last year after the release of Bigfooting in Oklahoma I began purchasing products from Digital Juice. DJ is a company that supplies stock footage, video backgrounds and transition elements for the Television community. They are the best in the business. Since then, and a few hundred dollars later, I have created a vast library of materials to use in our DVD productions. The photo to the right represents a small portion of that library. I took advantage of sales, inventory reductions and discounts to build a library worth thousands. No one in the industry has this stuff save the few networks making documentaries for television.
Last year we also purchased a new Proline camera. This camera from Panasonic is used by many professionals, TV stations, and independent video crews. The AG-DVC20 camera along with a new editor and new video elements to work with will enhance our productions greatly. We have already began using many of these new materials and are now working on future projects with them in mind. Things we could only dream of doing before are now within our grasp.
Along the way I won an award. The video editor software I use is from MAGIX™. In May of 2008 I was named one of their MAGIXians of the Month. The award was a recognition of all the work I've done on Conundrums, Cryptovideography and more using their editor. MAGIX™ is a software company that makes multimedia programs for home and professional use. At the time I was one of two videographers to have ever received it. Not one to toot my own horn I only mentioned it to a few friends in the GCBRO. Since we are celebrating, I guess a little "tooting" is okay.
And along the way there have been some delays. My health being one of them. Last year along with all the excitement and new things I was diagnosed with a poly neuropathology in my legs. It's a nerve problem that makes it difficult to stand for long periods of time. Though very painful I have pressed on. This severely limits my ability to travel and work so creating new episodes and programs have been an even slower process than I had expected. In fact the intended Fall release of Conundrums may be a Winter release. We shall see. As I sit here and write this blog entry I am convalescing because of a new issue with my legs. Last week I developed a blood clot in my right thigh. Since it is in the small veins and not a larger artery it is not life threatening, just painful as all hades. I'm down again. It has however given me some time to slow down and reflect, and get some things done in studio and on the computer.
Any of you who know me personally know I am an avid motorcyclist. I haven't ridden in over a year now.
But continues to grow! We have a few new projects in development and continue to explore others. One project which is not Bigfoot related is a DVD on some software. And I have a UFO project in development too.
Something you may not know is I produce another webisode program like Conundrums but is not paranormal related. It's called Mastering Movie Edit Pro and is a online tutorial program showing features of the software and tips on how to get the most out of it. It is broadcast on my video blog. So this too has kept me busy and I try to devote time to both Conundrums and MMEP. Mastering Movie Edit Pro has been met with great enthusiasm and is gaining new viewers daily. My blog over there has gone from a few hits a day to 80 - 100 hits daily! Not bad for a blog. I can only hope this one grows too!
So there you have it. The latest update and information from our little studio. We are very excited and the new logo reflects it! Perhaps a snails pace, but we are moving forward. LOL Granted much of this came from hard work and dedication at Cryptovideography but most of it came from our viewers and supporters. The fact that you are here is supportive and we Thank You! Look forward to more in 2008/2009!

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